Bringers of Horus

They were The Four Horsemen        

Blindly they will obey

Blindly they will perform

For it meant entry into the eye. 


Ready to amaze, it begins with The Fool

Frozen we are, and yet we must always transcend

The Hermit, as self-destructing as he may be,

Reads well enough, Now You See Me


Designed to entertain

Designed to delight

Designed to inspire; 

It is focused deception

It is a belief

It is trust.

- The High Priestess


Chosen twice a century,

They were The Four Horsemen.

Uniquely created for a grand trick,

“The closer you see, the less you’ll notice”


As The Lover(s) once said,

Always be the smartest person in the room

To Death, nothing's ever locked,

Picked open, The King's Sword awaits


*A Research Poem about the movie NOW YOU SEE ME*